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Buy Whole Smoked Turkey Breast

Moist, juicy and full of flavor, this whole, bone-in smoked turkey breast is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving dinner, or an easy Sunday supper at any time of year. These step-by-step instructions yield the best turkey breast recipe without any stress or fuss (no brine necessary!). Serve the tender meat alongside your favorite sides like stuffing, green bean casserole, roasted root vegetables, mashed potatoes and corn casserole for a delicious harvest feast!

buy whole smoked turkey breast

Make sure that you allow plenty of time for the turkey breast to thaw in the refrigerator before cooking. We try to allot about 1 week (or at least 3-4 days) for proper thawing, since this always seems to take longer than we expect!

The total smoking time will depend on a variety of factors, such as the temperature of your individual smoker, the temperature of the turkey breast when it goes into the smoker, and the size and shape of your turkey breast. A good rule of thumb is about 35 minutes per pound when smoking a bone in turkey breast at 225F. So in this case, a 7-pound turkey breast needs about 4 hours in the smoker.

An instant-read thermometer is always the best way to know when your turkey breast is cooked perfectly. The thermometer should register an internal temperature of 160-165F when inserted into the thickest part of the breast (not touching a bone). The temperature of the meat will continue to rise slightly as it rests.

Shop our Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast for a fully cooked turkey, full of flavor and expertly smoked. Our turkey breasts are made from high-quality, bone-in turkey breast, brined for days, and slow-smoked and cooked over real hickory wood chips. After cooking, it's vacuum packaged to lock in the flavor and quality for you to enjoy at your home. Since it's fully cooked, this turkey is ready to heat and serve or serve cold.

A smoked turkey breast is a great option for a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal for a smaller crowd. A typical whole breast will feed 6-8 people with all white meat, which most people prefer. Also it only takes around 3 to 3 hours to smoke a bone in turkey breast, nearly half the time of a full sized turkey.

For this smoked turkey breast recipe I recommend using a bone-in cut. The bones will provide a buffer to help keep the meat on the underside of the turkey from drying out, resulting in a juicier end product.

My turkey breast was pre-treated with a salt solution so I did not brine or inject the turkey. If you do want to brine or inject your turkey breast make sure to pick an untreated turkey breast. I've provided more detail on that towards the bottom of the post.

To carve the turkey you can slice the it right off the breast, leaving the bones in place. For this method I recommend thin slices. Or you can cut the whole breast off of the bones then make your slices. With this method you can make thick or thin slices.

Transfer your smoked turkey slices to a platter to serve. Smoked turkey goes great with traditional Thanksgiving and holiday sides like stuffing, sweet potatoes, and mashed potatoes. It's also perfect served with traditional barbecue sides like baked beans and potato salad. But my personal favorite side dish with smoked turkey is my stove top bacon mac n cheese.

Yes, you can absolutely brine a turkey breast before smoking it. You will need to be careful what turkey you purchase though. Many turkey breasts are injected with a salty solution and brining these will result in over salted meat.

Learn how to smoke a tender and juicy turkey breast in this easy Traeger Smoked Turkey Breast recipe! Smoking a turkey breast can add a delicious smoky flavor and injecting it with a buttery marinade really locks in the juices. Serve with Chipotle Smoked Mac and Cheese or Jiffy cornbread with creamed corn on the side!

Traeger turkey recipes are all the rage, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas! However, when you don't want to prepare a whole smoked turkey, smoking a turkey breast is the perfect solution.

You can even prepare this Traeger Smoked Turkey Breast for Thanksgiving. The smaller size makes turkey breasts the perfect solution for those dining alone, with a few friends, or with a small family.

Smoking a turkey breast retains the juices inside, especially when injected first and smoked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F. This yields a juicy turkey that's neither overly cooked nor dried out.

When there's approximately cup of marinade left, stir the turkey seasoning ingredients into the marinade to make a paste. Rub this paste all over the turkey breast, including the cavity. At this point, cover and refrigerate the turkey for one or more hours to let the flavors penetrate the meat.

Bring the turkey to room temperature. Heat Traeger to 225 F. When the smoker is ready, place turkey breast directly on the grill rack and stick the probe into the thickest part of the turkey breast. Set the probe temperature to 165 F. Use Super Smoke if you have that option. Smoke until the probe reaches 165 F.

From the "Award-Winning, Choice of Champions", Blues Hog is now serving up its World Champion recipes for all to share. Smoked to perfection over Blues Hog Natural Lump Charcoal with our kiln-dried Pecan and Cherry Wood Chunks. Quick and easy to reheat, Blues Hog smoked turkey is a must-have main dish for any day of the week. Fully cooked, just reheat and enjoy!

If you don't need the whole bird, we've got you covered. Our craveable and delicious Turkey Breasts are seasoned with Luella's Bird Rub and smoked with applewood, and are sure to leave your guests happy and full!

We take whole bone in Turkey Breast, (not the processed turkey rolls of breast meat you get at your deli counter) brine them overnight in our fantastic Monstrami Brine, spatchcock them, rub them down with our select seasoning, smoke them for hours while basting in succulent butter till they are golden, tender, and delicious. There is a subtle smoke flavor but not overpowering and we guarantee they are juicy and delicious.

While this smoked turkey is fully cooked, we recommend heating-to-taste. When using a meat thermometer heat to a USDA suggested internal temperature of 165 degrees F. Let stand for 15 minutes before carving. Enjoy!

Unlike other smoked turkey breasts you've seen, ours is not emulsified. You can see the recognizable lines and texture of the grain in the meat. Real turkey breasts are smoked and cooked in a square mold that gives this product a uniform shape, perfect for slicing even pieces.

Our handmade charcuterie line represents the full range of styles and flavors, including bacon, cured ham, cooked, uncooked, and dry-cured sausages, pâtés and mousses, duck confit and rillettes, smoked and cured duck, chicken and turkey breasts.

Looking for something to it is! smoked turkey that taste like "TURKEY." Here's why. We select only young, tender birds, then cure them with a secret blend of spices to preserve that special Robertson flavor. Our turkeys are then placed in the smoke-house until they are golden brown and fully cooked. The best way to preserve the freshness of your turkey after you receive it is to cover it tightly and place it in the refrigerator. If you do not plan to use it immediately, FREEZE IT. We have found many people like to slice all of their turkey at once, keeping a portion to serve and freezing the rest in small packages for later use. Robertson's Smoked Turkeys and Smoked Turkey Breasts are fully cooked. However, to bring out the most flavor we suggest you rinse the whole turkey with warm water, then wrap it in aluminum foil. Place the turkey in a shallow pan and heat for 3/4 - 1 hour in a 325 degree oven. The Smoked Turkey Breast may be heated the same way for only 20 minutes. The Smoked Turkeys, like all of our other smoked meats, have the best flavor when they are served at room temperature.

This delicious smoked turkey breast is flavorful, tender, and has the perfect crispy skin after smoking. We love this recipe for a smaller Thanksgiving or a smaller group of people. The leftovers make great turkey salad and turkey quesadillas, too.

Do you have a bigger group to feed? We have a whole smoked turkey recipe and a delicious roasted turkey recipe as well as other easy Thanksgiving recipes that are made with whole and easy ingredients.

We highly suggest brining the turkey before you smoke it. Prepare the brining liquid and submerge the turkey breast in the brine after it has cooled off. You do not want to put your turkey in a warm brine.

Remove the turkey from the brine and carefully rinse the turkey under cold water. Pat the turkey completely dry before adding the dry rub. Season the turkey with the turkey dry rub. Massage the dry rub into the turkey with your hands and add the white onion into the cavity of the turkey breast. 041b061a72


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