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The One I Love

Initially, the retreat appears to work wonders. On the first night, the two make dinner, they get high, and eventually, as they explore the nearby guesthouse, they seem to rediscover a playfulness in their relationship. They even have sex. It's all quite lovely until Sophie, returning to the main house, discovers Ethan asleep on the couch. He remembers nothing beyond dinner and smoking up.

The One I Love

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Parents need to know that The One I Love is an offbeat indie dramedy (with a thriller streak) about the ways that people in long-term relationships slowly change -- and how those changes affect their partners. At the suggestion of their therapist, the main characters spend a weekend away at a small compound; they ultimately learn far more about each other, and themselves, than they expected or wanted. Expect several scenes with with pot smoking and social drinking, some swearing ("f--k," "s--t," etc.), and a few tender love scenes (no nudity). Be prepared to be surprised.

THE ONE I LOVE is fresh and eerie and insightful all at once, hard to categorize either as a romance (because much of it is about love) or as a thriller (because it is creepy). Much of the film's charm is attributable to Moss. She grounds the movie in an approachable authenticity, even as she manages to inhabit a role that's both ineffable and earthy. She's a master at subtlety without shorting her portrayal of a woman at a loss on how to make her marriage work, if she even wants to. She's the best part of the film. (Duplass' Ethan doesn't seem as specific as Moss' Sophie; we don't quite know why he makes the choices he does.)

yea ik ik everyone including me is amazed by this song, and i think we can all agree that it's the best EVERRR like i love it so much! but frfr im about to cry liike i cant explain how i relate and its just so hard to explain, but I LOVE IT! thank u so much leilashoo1 for posting thisss!!! i feel like nobody gives u credit for posting this. like ik she didnt sing it, and she got it off of idk something but stillllll, THANK YOU REALLY

All joking aside, this utterly floored me. What started out as a very 'indie' drama that felt fabricated and too honest for its own good flourished into a film of startling beauty and individualism. The two main performances by Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss are shockingly great, and without their dedication, this small film would've crumbled down to the ground. I also loved how the film moved through its story with assurance and focus. Never did the film feel like it didn't know how to end; rather, The One I Love gets weirder and more engrossing as it goes along.

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Their mom and dad? Their brothers and sisters? Their grandparents? If they do not treat them with kindness and respect, they are not the right person. Family is the core of our relationships. These are the people you have known the longest and should have the deepest connection to. Of course, not all families get along and, unfortunately, some people have really difficult family situations but a person you are looking to love should not disrespect a family that emotionally supports them.

And what started as an act of love from a grief struck mother and daughter has grown into an internationally known organization that has reached more than one million students, as the One Love Foundation hits the decade mark this June. 041b061a72


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