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Nokia €?6” With Dolby Atmos

At first, after installing the app, I've experienced a strange thing. After plugging the headphone jack in, the dolby atmos had stopped to work. When I unplugged the jack, everything became normal. I left everything unchanged since the install. It took over a week, but everything is fine today. (It was noticed, that a new SoundCloud client has been released).

Nokia “6” with Dolby Atmos

Nice midrange phone, I guess. but I don't think "NOKIA" is in for a huge comeback...I guess this will fit the "oh god, I wish I had a nokia - again"-market.To me the brand has lost most of what it once stood least now with android I guess it won't be changing it's OS like digital underwear.

You should know that nokia 6 has very thin body and nice camera with nice LED flash for low light and dark, ram is bigger but not that much fast because 800MHz ram, nice UI with different look inside of dashboard, Full HD display will be more brighter because it is nokia. and great feature is internal memory is expandable. 350c69d7ab


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