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Wanted Weapons Of Fate Game

Mechanically, Grin managed to nail the tone of the movies quite well. The gameplay is that of a cover based shooter. The controls are easy enough to allow Wesley to move quickly from one point to the next, utilizing a variety of pistols and automatic weapons. Moving quickly enough allows him to enter an enhanced, adrenalized state. This confuses the enemy and makes even basic flanking maneuvers feel like a super power. Of course, Wesley also has the power to bend bullets. Particularly well placed shots results in the camera following the round to its mark. These features render cover pointless for enemies and gives the players a great feeling of empowerment.

Wanted Weapons Of Fate Game

As the title Weapons of Fate suggests, the game is combat-heavy, with a focus on the third-person perspective and a "speed cover" system, which allows you to move from cover to cover quickly and in style, while shooting at your enemies as the opportunity arises. Your weapons are limited to a pistol, dual rapid-fire pistols (which you don't get until you're almost three-quarters through the game), and a knife. It sounds ridiculous for me to say you can shoot to your heart's content, but you'll find so much ammo after taking out an enemy that you'll be questioning if each is carrying a small nation's munitions.

Since these shots are generally a one-hit kill until the last few levels of the game, players have to accumulate adrenaline to utilize this ability. In order to accumulate adrenaline, you'll have to kill your enemies by either shooting them or taking them out via melee attacks. As a result, players have to alternate between standard attacks and the cheap-yet-entertaining attacks once they've got enough adrenaline. There's also a few sequences involving stationary heavy weapons, which seem hellishly difficult at first until you realize that it's not all that difficult to hide behind the gun's blast shield until your health recovers.

Wanted Weapons of Fate PC Game is developed by Grin and published by Warner Bros. Interactive. In the start of game player saw a bad dream that someone killed his mother. Player start his mission to find out his family with some great actions in the game. Game has same thrill as we can see that in the movie. He can get training of certain tasks that before the game play. There are a number of weapons in the game which is the major thing for thrilling action fight. At first he plays by himself and by the time passes he can unlock various characters. He can just get permission to unlock if he kill some leaders of opposing team. If you like playing shooting games then you may like similar game Halo Combat Evolved. Download it free from our website.

The game also seems to not have taken full use of its extended development time as both characters and the environments look very rough around the edges and there are all sorts of crazy animation glitches such as weapons floating in mid air and dead bodies seemingly having a fit. When shot with a curved bullet, enemies will often stumble right through the cover they were just using which is far too obvious a problem for the developers to have just missed. The loading times are both long and frequent enough to be annoying and this problem was unfortunately not relieved by installing the game to your hard drive. The frame rate also seemed largely inconsistent especially when entering a new area for the first time.

Wanted : Weapons of Fate ReviewDeveloped by GRIN Published by Warner Brothers Rated MA15+PC, 360, PS3BAJOWanted: Weapons of Fate is set in the universe of the wanted film, and picks up right where it left off which will be relevant if you were actually able to sit through that truly excuse for cinema to the end, and hear that awful line as Wesley eyeballs the camera and asks 'What have you done lately'. What was that?JUNGI take it you didn't like the film Bajo?BAJONo Jung, and for a change, the film hurts the game because it embodies all the smugness that it entailed with every single awful line of dialogue. Ohhh I'm an assassin, I get my targets from a magical loom, and I can curve bullets Whahaaaaa wahaaah. Wahh.JUNGSmugness and Bajo's perhaps slightly biased film review aside, weapons of fate is a cover shooter with some good parts and bad parts. The good parts are in the cover system. By leaning in a direction, you can switch to any cover in range that's in front or next to you. BAJOwahhhhh Ok I'll stop. This has been in games before like gears but here's it's had more importance placed on it, and it's more important to do it. You can't see much when you're in cover, so you'll do lots of leaning and peaking, and a successful kill gives you adrenaline, which you can use on a free curve bullet.JUNGThese are useful to get behind shields or to bring enemies out of cover. There's a more fun way to use your adrenaline bonus, and that's to go a slow motion cover dash, picking off what enemies you can along the way.BAJOYou can also spam fire to suppress enemies for a short time, and all of these abilities are important for taking down the bosses. Other than that, there's not much to the game really - it's got some decent production values and design here and there, but there are really only 3 types of enemy, and only two weapons - a gun and a mini-gun.JUNGYeah, it's really only one weapon, and a faster version. Some scenarios really need you to use a particular adrenaline skill, and these have been set up in a subtle way, which is good.BAJOMore subtle then the mines with blinking lights come on if you're trying to blow someone's leg off, why put a disco ball on top of the mine? Seriously?JUNGIt works, it's pretty enough, it's just short and not much fun, not even a Morgan freeman cameo helps. I'm giving it 5.5.BAJOThere's not enough variety, and there's just so much cheese, and It's not even good cheese, it's just lame and smug and you end up hating the main character. And mice with dynamite? What were they thinking...I'm giving it 5.JUNGYou know my friends didn't think it was that bad Bajo.

Short Term: Short term is the only real way to categorize Wanted with it only being a fraction over 5 hours in length, and for what it is, it's an OK game. Nothing really to write home about. You won't feel like you've wasted your time playing it though. - 50Long Term: For this review I'm going to consider 'Long Term' as meaning re-playability seeing as the game is so short there isn't really anything else to consider 'Long Term'. There is very little, if any, replay value for most people in Wanted: Weapon's of Fate. Unlock another difficulty level and some more skins for the main character model, but other than that there's nothing. No multiplayer, no alternative game pathways, no nothing. Maybe in a year or so I might have wanted to play it again on the harder setting, but not any time soon. - 10Overall: Overall, even though Wanted: Weapons of Fate is better than the film, it's still not a good game. If you missed it, you wouldn't feel like you'd missed out on a gaming gem. I'm sure this kind of mechanic will be used in something else sooner or later, maybe even something with a storyline. If we're really lucky, maybe they'll even include some gameplay. - Note: The developers of Wanted: Weapons of Fate, GRIN, have since been lost into the gaming history ether. Even though their last efforts weren't the best in the world (Terminator: Salvation and Wanted: Weapons of Fate), they did create the new widely liked Bionic Commando. No studio deserves to be treated the way GRIN was by their publishers. Development houses do all the work and publishers take all the credit, then when they're done with them, they just throw them to the side. It's a shame. I'm sure GRIN had some special stuff lined up for the gaming world which will, thanks again to publishers, never be seen. For the full story see


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