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The CombiWave includes several options to access and to configure the sound card. Right click on them and select New to store them in the category you want. This is done through the menu on the left.


The CombiWave allows you to select audio files, to select overlays (sounds), to adjust the volume level of a single sound track and to increase the volume level of a custom setup. You can access the above mentioned functions by using the menu on the left.

Press the Q key to increase or decrease the volume level of all samples selected or of a single sample selected and in the lower part of the CombiWave there is a tab to store commonly used setup. Right click on it and select New to store your custom setup in it.

In this free version we only provide a max of 20 hot keys. You can increase this via a premium version. You get both the player and the slot editor. This means you can create new slots, assign hot keys to those slots and output those hot keys on your computer. You can choose what fields, you want to be displayed by default on the slot pages. You can choose a background color for the slot pages. This background color can be left blank or changed via the \"Background Color\" option on the pages.

Sending your downloaded file is only possible if you have elected to send it, otherwise it is only possible to download. You can always download the file, but do not expect any ongoing support if you choose not to send the file. You can always download any exported file from previous versions of CombiWave.

When you use this free version, you will only have access to 7 slots. Schemes starting with number 8 are referred to as exclusive, meaning you cannot save them to a save file because they will not be present in the combo-finder. The combo-finder will only show you the standard schemes. To remedy this, simply create a save file of your own and use the export feature to save your schemes to a file that you can then import on all other PC's you use to run CombiWave.


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